Everyone enjoys dining out with Shiloh's Restaurant, and celebrities are no exception.

Demi Moore

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

Dennis Cardoza

Anne Hathaway

Leanne Rimes (singer, actress)


Ehud Danuh (Israelie Ambassador to America)

Flynn Robinson (Lakers player 1971-1972)

Dennis Farina (Actor), Stephane Ktorza (manager at Shilo’s), Elon Gold (Actor)

Jimmy Delshad (Mayor of Beverly Hills)

Billy Crystal

Jonathan Liebesman

Amir Peretz (defense minister of Israel 2007)

Brian Von Holt

Anthony Keidis

Danny Abeckaser

Courtney Cox

Leroy D.Baca (Sherrif of Los Angeles), Paul Koretz (City Council)

Joe Willson (Congressman)

Leelee Sobiesky (Actor)

Rav Yehya Benchetrit

Mr.Brainwash (Artist)

Arthur French television production (CEO of embemol)

Lacey Chabert (Actress)

Eliyahu Yishai (deputy Prime minister of labor and industry of Israel)

Jorge Oliveira (World light heavyweight champion WEC 2006)

Howard L.Winkler (narcotics and drug commission)

Carlos Ruiz (2008 World Champion Philadelphia Phillies)

General Attorney (Kamalla Harris)

Mrs. and Mr. Kllerman (best selling authors)

Rav Yona Metzger (Chief Rabbi Ashkenazi of Israel)

Eliot Engel (US Congressman)


Moshe Feiglin (Israeli politician)

James Van Der Beek (actor)

Jon Voight (Actor)

Asthon at Shiloh’s in DailyNews

David Mamet

John Leguizamo (Actor)

Intouchable Movie Team

Said Taghmaoui (actor)

Jack Abrahamoff

US. Senator James E. Risch

Dodgers president

Eric Cantor

Ari Abittan

Amir Peretz Minister of Israel

Governor Gray Davis

Neve campbell

Rabbi Zamir COHEN and Rabbi MIZRACHI

Howard Gordon

Alina Puscau

Anthony Denison

Rabbi Baron Sack

Craig T. Nelson

Pablo Kleinman

Craig Ferguson

Senator Lindsey Graham (south Carolina)

Joe Lieberman (Senator)

Danny Abeckaser


David Mazouz

Mike Shouhed

Antonia Bennet

Sharon Osbourne

Emmanuelle Chriki

Kev Adams

Yasiel Puig

Laura Marano

Glenn Beck

Antonio Villagrosa

Michael Key

Majid Berhila

John Eledjam

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Image Shiloh’s: Where culinary tradition meets creative cuisine. Take the finest flavors from European culinary cultures, select Internationally renowned wines, fuse them with classic American cuisine and you've just sampled Shiloh's Steak House-the boldest venture from the Ghanem family, acclaimed Provincial restaurateurs. Shiloh's is a warm and classy French restaurant that serves a new generation of American gourmets with a unique fusion of traditional Kosher food prepared with exotic flavors and leading edge cooking techniques, in a fine dining establishment.